Reviews of The Night Blooming Cereus


“Night Blooming Cereus and Other Stories” is no amateur writer’s timid effort. I cannot overstate the greatness of this book. It blew me away. It left me shaking by its beauty and compassion, its insight into the tough, gentle hearts of an isolated region of the south.” – Anne Stinson, The Star Democrat

Friday, January 9, 2009
The Star Democrat

“A masterpiece in our midst”
by Anne Stinson, Book Critic

“Why, you well may ask, is this book critic sitting at the computer in her bare feet? She’s just had her socks knocked off, stunned by the work in a first-time book of fiction by a brand new writer on the scene. It’s comparable to finding a big gold nugget in your back yard when you only expected to plant a petunia. >>Read entire review

The Delmarva Review

“This story, with its evocative imagery ….has definite cinematographic possibilities.”
by Margot Miller
>>Read entire review

Summer 2009
Delmarva Quarterly

“A hot, southern collection of tales drenched in character.”
by Scott Whitaker
>>Read entire review

What readers have to say . . .

“I just finished reading The Night Blooming Cereus and I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it; in fact I couldn’t put it down. The extent of your knowledge on so many subjects was very impressive. I hope you keep writing.” Judith S, Maryland

“Your stories intrigued me, surprised me, and raised me up.”  N. Beck, Minnesota

“Tea at Four” (the second short story), “what a gem!!! Like a high quality diamond, it is breathtaking in its quality and economy. ‘Tea at Four’ speaks across all geographic and cultural sectors I know of . . .  it is breathtaking in its structure and fine tooling.”  R. Brodsky, Massachusetts

“I have finished the second reading of your book (after loaning it out several times) and we all agree that it is quite exceptional. Your choice of words, phrases, descriptions etc. put me right into the life of each story.”  S. Gunter, Maine



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