• Poetry: God Was Lonely


    God Was Lonely

    by Harold O Wilson


    In the vast emptiness of His perfection

    God felt the pain of loneliness

    Issued from this great longing

    Came forth the heavens and the earth

    Waters separated from the dry land

    Brought forth fish and all the creatures of the sea

    And God saw that it was perfect

    But He was still lonely

    To sate His great need

    The birds of the air

    And all creatures of the field

    Were brought forth to cover the dry land

    And God saw that it was perfect

    But even so He was lonely

    Driven now by His infinite want

    He created man and woman

    Male and female He created them

    And placed them in a beautiful Garden

    And God saw that they were perfect

    Yet even in their presence He was lonely

    God looked on his heart’s desire

    And knowing they were child’s perfection

    Forbad that they eat the fruit of the Garden Tree

    And they children that they were

    Quickly ate of it

    When God saw what they had done

    He said unto them thou hast eaten

    Of the fruit that was forbidden thee

    And they being children said

    We did not eat of it Lord

    Now God raised himself to a great height

    But I see at your feet my children

    The bitten core of the Apple

    Eyes wide they said unto Him

    That is not our Apple

    And in that lie

    Were both born human

    God looked gently now

    On the children called forth

    By His infinite longing

    Imperfect He sighed


    Poetry by Harold O. Wilson ©2011 – 2015 – intended for on-line reading only. All inquiries for re-prints and questions should be directed to wilsonwritings@gmail.com


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