• Mrs. Morresette – Delmarva Radio Theatre

    “Mrs. Morresette had taken to sunbathing in the nude. Mr. Morresette blamed it on those damn frenchies.” Mr. Morrisette is scandalized, as is the small New England town where they live. But as tragedy approaches, Mr. Morresette gains a new appreciation of the strength and beauty of his wife.

    Dear Friends:

    “Mrs. Morresette,” the second production of Delmarva Public Radio’s Delmarva Radio Theatre, will air Sunday evening January 24, at 6:00 pm on WSCL 85.9. The program will also be streamed live on the station’s website at www.delmarvapublicradio.net and will remain available as a podcast.

    “Mrs. Morrisette” is an original drama based on a short story by Margaret Rodenberg that first appeared in The Delmarva Review published by the Eastern Shore Writer’s Association. It was adapted for radio by your host.

    Featured players for the drama are members of the Community Players of Salisbury: Tom Welsh as the narrator, Robert Forester as Mr. Morrisette, and Judy Hearn as Darlene. Featured as well are Delmarva Public Radio’s  own Kara Dahl Russell in the title role as Mrs. Morrisette, Chris Ranck plays Reverend Chandler, and Angela Byrd is Mrs. Buchanan.

    In addition to the drama the program features a short interview with the story’s author, Margaret Rodenberg.

    As you can tell from the opening line cited above, it’s a wonderful drama, you don’t want to miss it.


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