• Delmarva Today: Writers Edition #61 (8/31/18)

    Harold Wilson’s guest on Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition is Tom (Tim) Linehan. They will discuss Linehan’s new book Hannah Gould. Hannah Gould is about  the Jewish women in the Polish partisan movement during the Second World War. The subcontext of the discussion is actually courage—what these women had to overcome, what they had to do, and what they gained and what they lost in the process.  There were about 30,000 Jewish partisans in both Jewish and non-Jewish resistance units. They fought a guerilla-type warfare in German occupied Europe: killing Nazis and their collaborators; disrupting transportation and communication lines; dynamiting railroad tracks, power plants, and police stations; burning bridges; and much more.  About 10 percent of these Jewish partisans were women. Linehan’s fictional Hannah Gould was one of these fighters.  Her story is fascinating as, like all the Jewish women partisans, she struggles, not only against the Germans, but also against the sexism and antisemitism within her own partisan group. The key literary theme in Hannah Gould is that Hannah is afraid she will lose herself as she progresses from an innocent young girl to a hardened killer. Click here to listen.


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