• Delmarva Today: Writers Edition #42 (12/2/16)

    Delmarva Today: Writers Edition #42 (12/2/16)

    The November program focuses on the publication of Volume 9 of The Delmarva Review by the Eastern Shore Writer’s Association. Harold Wilson’s guests are the former executive editor of the Review, Wilson Wyatt, the new executive edition Emily Rich, and actor and poet James Keegan. Keegan is the featured poet in this edition of the Review. In the first half of the program we’ll discuss volume 9 of the Review, and where it stands in the long history of The Delmarva Review. In the second segment of the program we’ll offer a short interview with Cecile Barlier, author of the short story “Immersion” published in the review.  “Immersion” will then be read by The Delmarva Review’s poetry Editor Anne Colwell. Click to listen.

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