• Delmarva Today: Writers Edition #41 (10/28/16)

    Delmarva Today: Writers Edition #41 (10/28/16)

    The October edition of Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition features a discussion on trigger warnings with Dr. Adam Wood, Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of  English and chair of the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee at Salisbury University; and Dr. James King, Associate Professor of English and African American Culture Studies. The discussion focuses on trigger warnings and their meaning and use in the university setting. Dr. Wood is with Harold O. Wilson and they are joined by Dr. Yuki Okubo, assistant professor of psychology at the University, and Don Rush, Delmarva Public Radio News Director. The discussion continues on trigger warnings today and particularly as this concept applies in the greater society. Does our interest in safe spaces, for example, reflect a state of societal insecurity and powerlessness? Has the polarization evident in the current campaign process highlighted this insecurity? Click to listen.

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