• Delmarva Today: Edition #38 (8/5/16)

    Harold Wilson’s guest is Jack Shaum author of, Lost Chester River Steamboats, discussing the great steamboats that plied the Chesapeake Bay and particularly the Chester River. For over a hundred years, beginning in 1813 these ships worked the rivers of the bay carrying fruit, grains, crabs, and oysters. And for a dollar, passengers could cross the bay from Baltimore to the Eastern Shore on their way to the Atlantic beaches. The last steamer made its final passage in the 1950’s. In addition to Lost Chester River Steamboats, Jack is co-author ofMajesty at Sea, and co-ghost writer and coeditor of Night Boat on the Potomac.  Jack is also a veteran reporter who has worked in both print and broadcast journalism in Baltimore and on the Delmarva Peninsula. Click to listen.

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