• Delmarva Today: Edition #32 (1/29/16)

    This program is about the changing role of sex in literature. There’s no question that the expression of sex in what we read, the films and television programs we watch has become more pervasive and more explicit today. How in the world did we get here. And what does it say about our culture and our society? To help us understand this changing role of sex in literature, Harold O. Wilson’s  guests are Susan McCarty, an assistant professor of English at the University of Salisbury and author of Anatomies, a book of short stories, and Adam Wood, Chair of the English Department at the University. We’ll look at how the role of sex has evolved in literary works and discuss how sex is used in today’s fiction. Of particular importance is what today’s literary expression of sex says about our current culture and what we might expect in the future.  Click to listen. 

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