• Delmarva Radio Theatre – Caesar’s Tomb

    The Delmarva Public Radio Theatre drama “Caesar’s Tomb” will be aired Sunday, June 24 at 8:00pm on Delmarva Public Radio WSCL 89.5.

    Caesar’s Tomb by Harold O. Wilson is adapted from a short story by the same name. The story is about a disturbed young man AWOL from Vietnam. He has showed up at his parents home and is an immediate threat to himself and anyone in a military uniform. Morgan Swinton, minister of the local Congregational Church is called in the middle of the night to minister to the young man. It is Morgan Swinton’s first parish and he is struggling with his  faith and his role as minister. He is telling us what happened  that night in the Falcone house and the days following. It is 1964 and the story begins in the parsonage with Morgan Swinton’s wife Alice Fay tying her lessor plan for the next day when the phone rings. Link to Broadcast


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